Misc. Facilities

Medical facilities:

The institution provides timely and regular medical services as required through tie ups with the hospital of the of the region. Both the hostels are regularly visited by doctor for general checkup of students.

Transport facilities:

        To safeguard students especially day scholars and faculty members, the college provided transport facilities for its students from prim location of vrindavan & Mathura this transport facilities for is on demand and provided on condition basis

Railway concession      

Railway concession is provided to students during semester break and long holy. Concession is also available to students for participating in the seminar and conferences etc.

MST/QST facilities are also available as per railway rules for students.

  In campus bank 

The branch of Allahabad bank operates within the campus of the college. This provided all the necessary banking services to the students and staff members. The fee deposition and personal accounts are operated through the bank.